Al-Sadd Square
Al-Sadd Square

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Al-Sadd Square

Al-Sadd Square is situated in a prominent location within the Al Sadd neighborhood of Doha and it is bordering the Al Rayyan Road which is one of the most prestigious roads.

The complex is comprised of various residential midrise buildings, commercial Lulu center, office buildings and Parking structure.

Due to aging of some structures and to compete within the real estate market, the client is keened to improve the quality and modify functions of existing Square to elevate the value of the properties contribute to the community.

To achieve the Client’s goals, there is a need for a proper study of existing conditions, creation of a master Plan, development of a special programs and action and an action plan.

Project vision/goals

  • Al Sadd square to serve the immediate vicinity and attract the community crowd within the walking distance as well as greater Doha as a distinguished destination point.
  • Create variety of entertainment options and high-end shopping arcadesز
  • Attract well-Known brand retail chains to participate in the development.
  • Activities and store to serve all age groups and be appealing to variety of users.
  • Create public amenities for serving all age groups.
  • Create an atmosphere to celebrate private and public events such as: Eids, New Year, Independent Day, etc.
  • Create a master planned cohesive development with a unique identity.
  • Create a central plaza as the heart of the development and arrange activities around it. This area can be used as the event’s platform, underground parking access and landscape features.
  • Eliminate boundary walls and obstructions for connectivity.
  • Create an identity for the development by remodeling existing buildings.
  • Connect Lulu center to the newly developed shopping arcade.
  • Develop a state of the arts facility for shopping, entertainment and events.
  • Use the latest technology for building methods including cooling systems.
  • The center to be sully wired for the Wi-Fi and computerized activities.
  • Allow for future technology modifications and improvements.
  • Development of the new buildings to be under LEED or ASAS certification.