Abu Sidra Traditional City
Abu Sidra Traditional City

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Abu Sidra Traditional City

Abu Sidra Project is a high-integrity Islamic planning that has never been tried in modern times.
The site is owned by AlAttiya Family and is located on the western edge of Doha about 11 Km out from the center.
This site is of approximately 500,000m2, 50/50 ratio of public to private domains, at BUA of private areas ranging from about 3.5 for residential, to 4,5 for feature urban areas, and in the region of 6/7 for landmark areas.

It offers the opportunity for mixed-use urban place making, using to some extent the model of the SOLIDERE area in central Beirut (Lebanon), and bringing with it the benefits of:

  1. A very high quality public domain, acclimatized to the open-air potential during winter, and responding to the hot-humid generated exigencies of the summer
  2. Live/work and recreation in one place, with reduced transportation movements
  3. Opportunity for target marketing and branding, addressing top-end international companies and their staff and discerning Qatari nationals
  4. Creating a regional exemplar. We are hoping, by assembling this distinguished team, to bring out of our collective thinking a dramatically innovative urban solution.

The Project will include:

  1. Various residential accommodations, including town houses, very limited numbers of villas, apartments at 4 storeys and up to 6/7 storeys, with and without ground floor retail, and possibly some higher rise, subject to approval
  2. Top-end retail, food and beverage outlets, and recreational and entertainments facilities, within a variety of formats, including a thematic open air but climatically tempered urban village, an air-conditioned but openable galleria, main-road frontage big-window Pig-item showrooms,
  3. Community facilities, including mosque(s) and Islamic school, clinics, local government facilities, post office, fire and police stations, etc.
  4. English Language primary and secondary schools, in association with Oatari or overseas University
  5. Five star hotel, managed residential and clubhouse with range of sports and entertainments facilities
  6. Offices in a variety of formats, aimed at both start-ups and international companies