Bid Management

Bid Management

While purchasing and sourcing represent critical supplier relationship management capabilities, often their efficiency is reduced by labor-intensive, repetitive tasks. FBM Project Management facilitates a repeatable sourcing process for planned and unplanned materials, new or alternate parts, and the complex sourcing of manufacturing processes and assemblies. By automating the creation, distribution and analysis of bid packages, this solution improves productivity and time-to-value.

How does it solve your business challenges?

FBM Project Management  enables real-time communication with your suppliers, accelerating collaboration. Advanced workflows drive sourcing and negotiation, and predefined events trigger notifications — especially important for time-critical or limited-availability goods. FBM Project Management enables you to rapidly construct bid packages, as well as compare bids with variable costs, audit revisions and evaluate total costs.

What are the benefits?

§ Lower total purchase costs

§ Elimination of hidden costs

§ Optimized inventories, transportation and distribution

§ Enhanced responsiveness to availability issues or other challenges